Training young people to begin a career in the tech sector.

The Train Up Tech Sector program gives young people the foundations needed for a career in technology. Students work with instructors from Albany Can Code to earn their Front End Web Design certification as well as their Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification through the ATTAIN lab. Participants gain an understanding of problem and idea decomposition, understanding specificity needed for writing a program, identifying project requirements, familiarity with both HTML & CSS coding languages, and the variety of skills needed in the tech sector. Qualified participants then go on to internships with local companies who provide students first-hand experience in various tech related jobs. Graduates from this program can go on to employment in the industry and continue on to college tech programs.

  • Gives participants skills to be valuable entry-level employees in the technology sector or a strong foundation for further tech education.
  • Provides the industry the opportunity to attract and retain talented graduates.
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